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Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Top Ten

Do you ever click that little Stats tab on your Blogger Dashboard?  I click mine all the time.  I like to see how many people visit my blog each day and what site referred them.  I also enjoy seeing when people from far off lands visit.  I wonder if they understand what I'm saying or if they stumbled upon me merely by accident.  I also like seeing how my line graph of All Time Pageviews has climbed higher since I've been blogging. 

One thing that interests me is which of my posts have been viewed the most often.  If I made a list of my ten most favorite posts, I don't think I would include any of those that are most viewed.  Why is that?  Maybe that's why I don't have thousands of followers (as I certainly should- ha ha)...because people who view my blog aren't seeing The Best.

Here is a list of the ten most viewed posts on She Says.  Don't judge.  I already told you they're not my favorites.

Thoughts of Spring - Mar 1, 2011, 25 comments
I guess this isn't surprising.  The purpose of this Blog Party was to meet new people and blogs.  I gained a few new followers...thanks to them, if they're still around!
There's a Lizard on my Keyboard  - Sep 30, 2010, 2 comments
I have no clue why this page has been viewed so many times.  Yeah, it's kind of funny, but it's not THAT funny!  Also, the keywords don't seem like something a person would be likely to google.  I just don't get it.

All Aboard the Choo Choo Train!  - Feb 6, 2011, 2 comments
This one I get.  People google Chuggington quite often.  It's probably Moms like me looking for a video for their kids to watch.  Funny that they wouldn't go to youtube first.

This is a Clean Post  - Jan 4, 2011, 2 comments
Funny that this post got so many hits.  I enjoyed writing it but I still can't stand how I couldn't get the pictures to line up better.  Believe me, I worked and worked to get it more organized.  But the more I worked with the pictures, the more they got messed up.  They kept disappearing.  So I finally threw in the towel and hit Submit.

I totally do not get this one.  It doesn't even have any comments!  It's just me complaining that I don't know how to sew.  Why this page has been viewed so many times leaves me scratching my head.  Maybe the image of the Cub Scout uniform?

Undercover Boss - Nov 15, 2010
This post has been viewed so often because of its topic.  Many people searched these names to find out who the celebrities are...exactly like I did. 

FREE Chipotle!  - Mar 3, 2011, 5 comments
Well, duh...who wouldn't read this post???

This is another one I just don't understand.  It wasn't even a good post. 

Living in a Dream World - Mar 8, 2011, 5 comments
So many people were blown away by this show, the spoiled bratty child, and the insane mother.  It's no wonder this post was viewed so many times.

Family Food  - Oct 9, 2010, 3 comments
Of all the recipes I've posted, this is the only one to make the Top Ten.  It's a great recipe but I'm surprised so many people were interested in it.

Maybe I'll compile a list of my Favorite Top Ten Posts someday.  That would be difficult, I think.


Theresa said...

I feel the same way about the popular posts. There are some that I thought would be more popular than they are...and some that are popular that I don't understand why. Also, I realized that people were searching for "pre-teen girls" YUCK, BLECH! and coming to my post about my struggles with the attitude of a pre-teen girl (so sad that you can;t write an innocent post!!). So had to take it down.

Also, I have such mixed feelings on blog hop/parties...how many of those people stick around and read my blog & comment? I am more interested in community than just getting a lot of followers...that being said, I participated in UBP and found some blogs I like, hopefully if I comment on their blogs they will read mine!

Linda said...

I love it when I learn something new. I had no idea what the "stats" button was for, so I'm happy you mentioned it. I went to mine and I guess I can say the same thing--it's interesting to see which posts get the most views.

BTW--have you checked out that blog-printing site. I just received my second book and love it.