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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Reality TV....Really?

Anybody out there agree with me that reality shows are getting out of hand?  I remember the first time I heard of reality shows.  I thought they were an interesting take on television...they were using real people, not actors, and showing things they do on a day to day basis.  I didn't really watch them, but I tuned in to see what they were about.

But now, that's all you see!  It seems like they introduce a new reality show every week.  Is reality TV overtaking scripted programming?  And the topics of these shows are getting more ridiculous:
People who are pack rats
People who clip coupons
People who build motorcycles
Tattoo artists
Toddlers in beauty pageants
Mormons who have multiple wives
Mall security guards
People with OCD
People who operate large machinery
People who tell other people they don't know how to dress
And the list goes on and on.  All of these topics are interesting enough for an hour-long special.  But do they really warrant a series?  I guess not, and that's why so many of them go off the air after a season (or less).

Do you remember the one that was something about a Japanese game show?  I don't think it's on any more.  Or the one where a millionaire chose his bride on live TV?  That was nuts!

Hubby read an article about how some of these shows are actually scripted but passed off as reality shows.  They sit down at a table make decisions like, "OK, you two get in a fight about how he's not working hard enough, then you get mad because the equipment breaks down, and you call home and accuse your wife of something."  I think it's all ridiculous and I refuse to watch it.

If they made a reality show about my life, someone out there would actually watch it.  They could show me getting the kids off to school, then making breakfast for Baby Girl.  Next, I would clean the kitchen and wipe down the table.  After that, I would check my email and write a new blog post.  Before too long, it would be time to make lunch and put Baby Girl down for a nap.  Then the kids would get home from school.  I would yell at them that their rooms are a mess and tell them to do their chores.  Next, I would start dinner and Hubby would get home after that.  In the evening, we would put the kids to bed, then watch TV or talk until bedtime.  Sound interesting?  Nope, I didn't think so.

I can't even imagine what the next show will be.  Maybe old circus clowns who were fired for not being funny enough - Tears of a Clown, they would call it.  Or people who walk with a limp....follow them on their difficult journey through life.  How about Pizza Delivery Guys, delivering more than just pizza.  Hmmm....sounds scandalous!  (I reserve the right to all these ideas.  If any of you television producers want to use them, give me a call.  We'll talk numbers.)

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