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Friday, October 14, 2011

+ & -

+ Fall.  Enough said...it's glorious!

-  My car wouldn't start last night.  It's an '08.  I find that a bit ridiculous.  So now it's in the shop and I am transportationless.  Talk about having cabin fever!

+ Because my sexy mini-van is in the shop, I get to eat at Chipotle tonight (imagine that) when we pick it up after Hubby gets home tonight!

-  My Picasa Web Album is full.  I'm debating whether or not to pay to upgrade my storage space.  (I'm such a cheapskate.)

+ My home can almost be categorized as clean! We still have several piles around the house of things I don't really know what to do with. But you can see every floor in every room (well, I haven't checked the boys' room yet) without being in danger of tripping over large things.
- Keeping the house clean, the laundry caught up, the kids' homework checked, and putting good dinners on the table is a lot of work! I know you all know that, I just wanted to remind all of those people with housekeepers, butlers, maids, and nannies how the real world lives.

+ Hubby and the boys will be gone on a campout tonight and we have a girls night out! My dearest friend's daughter is turning 9 (I think) so we are celebrating with dinner at Panera, her choice.

- I think every weekend for the next month, at least, is completely scheduled. While it's nice to have things to do, I love having a few lazy weekends here and there.

+ We finally got Son #2's math class sorted out at school (long story).  His teacher called me last night and said she's very impressed with his math skills and wants to move him into the honors class.  When I explained that he was supposed to be in that class anyway, she was less than thrilled about how long we've been waiting.  She said she would handle it immediately because he has no business being in the class he's in.  They are even trying to begin an identified gifted math program for students like him.  The teacher said he is performing higher than the students who are in her honors class.  Let's just say, the boy did not get that from his mother!

-  I just realized how it makes me feel to admit that I can't help my son with his fifth grade math homework.  Bring me English, Spanish, or even Science and I'm your woman.  But math...not so much.

+ Son #1 just informed me that today is his half birthday.  He asked if I would take him out to get a donut.  I said he could have half of a donut since it's his half birthday.

What particular pluses and minuses fill your life right now?

-  Big Sis started throwing up this morning.
+ There was no school today so at least she doesn't have to miss a day.

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