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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Newspapers and Coupons

We have a newspaper thief in our neighborhood.  We used to get our paper delivered right to our doorstop because we knew the delivery guy.  He tragically passed away a year or so ago so we have a new guy.  Now our paper gets delivered to our mailbox, which is at the bottom of our long, curvy, steep driveway.  It's a real pain to walk all the way down there to discover that our paper is missing.  We recently added a second Sunday paper (one local, one regional) and the dumb thieves take both. 

I was expressing my irritation about getting our paper stolen and someone mentioned to me that it was for our coupons!  That thought had never crossed my mind!  With all those extreme couponers out there, people are stealing Sunday papers for the coupons!  I find this totally despicable.  Hubby and my brother are ready to set up surveillance to catch these thugs.  More realistically, we have to get down there early to intercept our paper.

Discussing extreme couponing made me start thinking.  Sure, I clip coupons from time to time but I don't end up saving much.  I know there's an art to it and I just don't get it yet.  I've never watched the reality show and I haven't researched it at all.  But I think I might give it a try.  I know there's tons of resources out there, including blogs, so I might seek some out.  Do any of my loyal readers and cyber friends practice the art of couponing?  How much do you save on average?  How much time do you spend (weekly) clipping, printing, and saving coupons?  Has anyone else thought of trying out this trend?  I think I'll give it a serious go this week and share with your my thoughts.  I don't think I'll appear on any reality shows but I would be thrilled to save ten bucks.

Off I go on this coupon adventure!  (By the way, do you say "Q-pon" or "coo-pon?"  I'm a "Q-pon" girl.)


chris said...

"Q-pon" here. and, generally speaking, i don't use them anymore. good luck to you - i think there's money to be saved!

Cory said...

The people in those shows are flat out horders of another kind. They stockpile crud that they never use. Only once have I seen a man donate a good amount of what he gets. And I use coupons for stuff that I would normally buy, but I see no point in doing it just to get something for free. Good luck though.

The Lovely One said...

I agree with Cory... if you want 72 tubes of toothpaste or 103 bars of soap, then couponing is for you. Otherwise, not worth the time and effort!