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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Independence Day

We've been having days of Meltdowns and "I Do Its."  Today, when Baby Girl was ready to eat breakfast, her puzzle was spread out all over the table. I quickly picked up the large pieces and tossed them into the box.  "I pick up da puddle!"  Baby Girl proceeded to sulk on the floor for the next couple of minutes.  I had to take two pieces out of the box and place them back on the table for her to pick up.  She happily did it and moved on to breakfast.

She still sleeps in a crib.  It's partly because she's tiny and still fits fine, but mostly because we don't have the extra cash right now to purchase a new bed for her.  She loves her crib and enjoys climbing in and out of it by herself.  Occasionally at bedtime, I pick her up to give her a quick squeeze and then place her in the bed.  You would think the world is coming to an end!  I have to take her back out and allow her to climb in by herself.  "I Do It!"

Recently, she has started demanding to tie her own shoes.  The problem is, she certainly doesn't know how.  She pulls on the laces until the shoes become unlaced.  Only when she reaches her maximum point of frustration is when I can offer assistance.  I'm thrilled that she's independent (her sister still lets me do everything for her) but getting ready to go anywhere takes twice as much time.

Earlier this week, I was helping Big Sis get ready for school and noticed all was quiet downstairs.  When I checked on Baby Girl, she was sitting at the table having breakfast and reading the Target ad.  She made it herself.  She used a small prep bowl (my Home Ec teacher used to call them custard cups), filled it with cereal, and was using a giant soup spoon.  She was happy.

Big Sis still can't make her own breakfast.

I'm wondering what difficultites lie ahead as I try to raise this Monkey Girl.


emmy said...

O my. What can I tell you. You will appreciate her resourcefulness for many years, and then she becomes a teenager. That is where her resourcefulness becomes quite scary. She thinks she doesn't need you at all when the truth is that this is the point where she needs you the most. After that she goes away to college and suddenly realizes you are her biggest strength and you get to be weepy like me. This is where I'm at with a baby girl determined to control her own destiny. I should say that my baby girl walked at 10 months and weaned at 7. I wanted her to stay a baby forever, but she wanted to run after her brothers.

CarrieGirl1179 said...

I love it! So cute :) Mine would still rather I do everything for her and she's almost nine!