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Monday, October 31, 2011

Better Late than Never

I love it when I get my daily posts out early in the morning.  But sometimes, on days like this, I can't find time to post until after 4 in the afternoon. 

You see, today was couponing day.  While it was technically my second week on this new, crazy journey, it was actually only my first full week.  A good friend, who just doesn't get it yet, came over this morning to learn from my vast, frugal knowledge.  We spent hours clipping, sorting, and studying ads.  I helped her determine which deals were good enough to splurge on and which needed to be passed over.  She had a $130 weekly budget.  I was determined to help her stay under budget but stockpile some necessities at the same time.  My budget was also about the same. 

Results were good!  My friend only went $3 over budget but scored $8 in savings on her next shopping trip!  Success!  I spent $197.19 (eek!).  Weekly specials and sales saved me a whopping $61.88 and I had $20.50 in coupons!  I also scored $12.00 in coupons toward my next shopping trip!  So I got almost $200 worth of groceries and toiletries for $102.81!  I was quite proud and grinned all the way to my car!

Ready for another deal?

Today after 6:00 PM, go into any Chipotle Mexican Restaurant dressed in a costume inspired by The Family Farm (think farmer, crop, animal, or farm implement) and you'll get a burrito, bowl, salad, or order of tacos for only $2.00!  You can't beat that deal, especially if you're an addict like me. 

We have choir practice tonight but I plan on taking the whole family to Chipotle afterward!  Yes, I will be wearing a cowboy hat to practice.  Laugh all you want, but I'll be enjoying a very cheap burrito for dinner!  I might just wear my boots.

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