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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cute Kid Sayings

  • When I offer Baby Girl something to eat, she often replies, "I can't like it."
  • I love how Big Sis answers the question, "What time is it?"  She says, "Six dot dot two three."  Once, I explained that she doesn't have to say the dot dot part.  Then I quickly changed my mind and told her I was wrong.  Dot dot is very necessary (and adorable).
  • When I ask Baby Girl a question but she can't hear me well, she calls out, "What, Honey?"
  • For some reason, the word "sure" comes out "surp" when Baby Girl says it.  "Will you bring me your cup?" I ask.  "Surp," she replies.  I always think she's saying syrup.
  • While watching TV together, Baby Girl kept going from person to person, pinching our cheeks affectionately.  When I asked her what she was doing, she said, "I being precious!"


Theresa said...

awww, so cute :)

Madeline Elizabeth said...

How Sweet!

k said...

Oh sweet heavens--that's adorable.

Mimsie said...

All your kids are so nice-looking, in both senses of the word. Is that a sheriff's star on Big Sis?

~she~ said...

Thank you!

Yes, she is wearing a sheriff's badge. We had a service at our church to honor public servants of the community. The Sheriff's department brought their mounted patrol, a tank and the bomb squad. The medical helicopter landed in the parking lot. It was amazing...we were so close we almost got knocked down! This pic is of the 4 kids by the helicopter that day.

Lena! said...

Absolutely adorable!