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Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday's + & -

+  The Steelers did NOT win the Superbowl last night!  I'm not a Green Bay fan, just anti-Steelers.  Sorry Pittsburgh fans.
-  My house took a hit over the weekend and is now almost unlivable.  What is it about weekends that destroy my house?
+  Friday was my Grandma's 81st birthday.  Her dementia/Alzheimer's gets worse each time I see her.  She didn't know it was her birthday, but we actually had some very nice moments together.  My brother and I bought her a digital picture frame that I filled up with over 300 pictures of family.  She didn't recognize most of the people in the photos but I really enjoyed sitting with her and telling her who everyone was.  For a brief moment, it felt like having my old grandma back.  She's still a precious woman, even if she isn't quite sure who I am any more.  And I got to spend one more birthday with Grandma, the woman I named my daughter after.
-  I have to go out in the snow and buy groceries with a 2-year-old.  Enough said.
+  For lunch, I get to choose between leftover Sausage Gravy & Biscuits and Tortilla Soup.  Each made from scratch over the weekend, I really outdid myself.  I may have to snap some photos and share the recipes.  You know me!
-  Because of all the snow, I had to cancel a lunch date with a friend.  But hopefully we can reschedule.
+  The man who robbed my mother's bank (she's a business banker) was arrested today.  He only got away with $450 which totally cracks me up!  You should have seen how clear the security photo of him was...it blew my mind!
-  Tonight, instead of spending time with my family, I will be babysitting an unknown number of children.  It's actually not that bad, it was my idea anyway.  I decided to get my church group of teenage girls together and offer free babysitting so parents could enjoy a night away.  I thought some of the parents were going to kiss me out of sheer gratitude.
+  What goes around comes around.  My aunt has offered to keep all four of my kids Saturday night so Hubby and I can enjoy a hot date!  See, that's what you get for paying it forward!
-  Spring is still really far away. 
+  Speaking of paying it forward, I got to watch Hubby in another random act of kindness Saturday.  He noticed a woman attempting to scrape the ice off her car with a smashed water bottle.  He quickly jumped out of the car and scraped all the windows for her.  That's why I married him.  Well...that and how cute he is.  :)

I wish you more pluses than minuses in your day today!

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imagesisee.blogspot.com said...

I love your "positive"/"negative" list. It's another reminder to keep things in perspective.