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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

School Days Fashion Show

Every morning when we drive Brother and Sissy to school, Baby Girl thinks she's going too.  One morning, she was so convinced she was going that she bawled when I wouldn't let her out of her car seat.  "I go Cool!  I go Cool!" she insisted.  If I would have let her out, she would have walked up the sidewalk, into the school, and likely found a seat next to her sister in First Grade.  She just does not understand why she has to be so much younger than everyone else.  Here are a few of the going-to-school outfits she put together herself:

Outfit #1:
Big Sister's red church coat, magenta stocking hat, one borrowed pink boot, and Disney Princess umbrella
Outfit #2:
Red and pink polka-dot pajamas, brown puffy coat, Big Sister's pink crocheted boots, and hot pink Dora backpack.  

Outfit #3:
Brown polka-dot shirt, gray sweat pants, Brother's black and white striped stocking hat, Big Sister's black patent boots, pink Hello Kitty lunch box, and black Hello Kitty messenger bag (for supplies, I assume)

Outfit #4:
Christmas Monkey pajama top, backwards jeans, Daddy's XL black puffy coat, and a huge smile!



Mimsie said...

She is really adorable!

chris said...

what a cutie! she's gonna be trendin' when she finally does get to "cool"!

imagesisee.blogspot.com said...

Very cute. Hopefully you're printing these photos and putting them in an album for her. She'll never believe you if you don't.