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Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Randomness

This is a picture of my Valentine gift to my handsome Hubby. He took Son #1 on a Boy Scout campout over the weekend. So with the house (somewhat) empty, I was able to spend an entire day making wonderfully delicious chocolate concoctions. I made molded solid dark and milk chocolate hearts, pretzel crunch candies, peanut butter cups, chocolate almond cups, and one last delicacy which I don't have a name for. OK, Chocolate Gooey Cake Heart Thingys. See, I told ya, I didn't have a good name. Hubby was thrilled with the gift and we're both a couple pounds heavier because of it. This was my first attempt at candy making but certainly won't be my last. I also made up a small package for both my dad and my brother. My brother is now ready to finance a project to open up my own bakery. :)

This picture shows two games I made for Big Sis' Valentine party at school.  The first is a poster board covered in heart doilies that have point values written on them.  My aunt whipped up three pink heart-shaped beanbags (because I can't sew to save my life).  The kids tossed the beanbags onto the hearts in an attempt to achieve the highest score possible.  The second activity is a large glass jar full of strawberry heart-shaped marshmallows...213 to be exact!  The closest guess was 220.  The winner got to keep the jar.

This last picture is something I'm not very happy about.  This is a gift that my 6-YEAR-OLD DAUGHTER received from a BOY IN HER FIRST GRADE CLASS!  Yes, I know I'm yelling right now.  6-years-old is entirely too young to receive a chocolates from a boy.  And no, that has nothing to do with the fact that I was 14 when I received my first box of chocolates from a boy.  You might be able to make out some of the writing inside the card which said, "I love you!"  Hubby is ready to start polishing up his shotgun.  (Kidding, we are a gun-free family...which is very fortunate for this "Austin" character.)  Get a job, buddy, and then we'll talk about dating our daughter. 


Theresa said...

That candy looks awesome! Good for you!!

I can't get over the gifts your daughter got!! Wowzer!!! I would be upset and my husband would be at his house! lol

Cupcake Mama said...

Those chocolates look amazing! I am so impressed.