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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Elephant Update

I have been a starving woman for a full week now.  And I must say, I've done better than I thought!


  • At a birthday party last Sunday, I passed on chips, dip, baklava, and even birthday cake!  That was extremely difficult.  I enjoyed carrots (with dip) and a deli sandwich minus cheese instead.

  • I still have a small container of delicious homemade chocolates left in the refrigerator.  Actually, those chocolates are partly to blame for this whole problem anyway!  But I resisted their "call!"

  • Son #1 brought home a beautiful box of bakery doughnuts from his aunt's house on Tuesday.  And don't you know it, there was a lovely chocolate cake glazed doughnut in the box.  That's my favorite.  I actually had to put the box inside a cupboard because it was calling my name from the countertop.

  • I resisted between-meal snacking and ate wonderfully for each breakfast and lunch.

  • I maintained portion control for each dinner.

  • I painfully passed on evening snacks.  I think that's been the most difficult so far.  There's nothing like a salty or sweet snack at night when the house is quiet and I'm chillin' in front of the TV.

  • I've taken to chewing gum during the day when I get the munchies.  The chewing helps control my urge to eat and it provides more flavor than drinking water.  I feel like I'm trying to quit smoking or something!

  • I've also nixed my sweet tea habit.  That's good in so many ways.

  • Failures:

  • I got sick on Friday (hence, no post) and didn't eat well all day.  Breakfast was a small bowl of cereal, no lunch, and a couple bites of a burrito for dinner.  But after dinner, the only thing that sounded good was a chocolate iced doughnut.  (See, it had been on my mind for several days!)  Since I had consumed so little food that day, I reluctantly gave in and allowed the cheat.

  • Results:
    As of Saturday morning, I am down 6 lbs.!  I didn't expect to see results so quickly, but I'm sure getting sick helped with that.  Now, on to week 2...wish me luck!

    Do any of my supporters have accomplishments to share or confessions to make???


    imagesisee.blogspot.com said...

    I had just finished reading your post when I checked my email and there was that sweet comment that you left for me. Thanks so much.

    And congratulations on your first week of your weight loss program. It's so difficult to maintain that self-control. But it's obvious that you're on a mission and it sounds like you'll do fine.

    Theresa said...

    yay! go you!!!

    Mimsie said...

    You are the epitome of will-power. Good for you for losing 6 pounds in ONE WEEK! You inspired me to say no to every evening snack last week. I'm so bad about falling off the diet wagon, but am going to try some small steps and hope to be more successful. Thanks for the challenge.

    Madeline Elizabeth said...

    Wow, you are doing so good!! Good luck on week two!