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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Favorite Movie Quotes

Living in my house is always cause for a laugh.  We are six people with fabulous senses of humor, if I must say so myself.  One thing that you will always hear in our home is randomly spewed lines from various movies.  In fact, it happens so often that it can grate on one's nerves.  That is, unless you're in a super silly mood (which is most of the time).  Here are some of my favorites that we quote often...see how many you can identify by naming the movie they come from.

1.  Out of the clear blue, just for fun, Hubby will yell at the top of his lungs,
2.  Whenever a child of mine asks a question I don't have an answer for, I reply,
     "I don't know, Margo!"
3.  Whenever poor Big Sis complains that something hurts, her unsympathetic father replies,
    "Your fingers hurt?  Well, now your back's gonna hurt 'cause you just pulled landscaping duty!"
4. Whenever a question is asked like, "When will dinner be done?" or "What time will you be ready?"  The answer is,
     "Afta."  The question asker replies, "After what?"  And the answer to that is "Afta afta!"
5.  This one has no rhyme or reason to it.  Hubby will occasionally just state (with a thick accent),
    "Let me take you to my home. In Africa."
6. If I ever do something that requires thanks, Hubby can't just say, "Thanks." He has to reply (with a slight accent this time),
    "Thank you, Priest."
7. And from the same movie, with a Hispanic accent, another line that has no purpose:
    "I'll run up to Paris - bam, bam, bam, bam. I'm back before week's end. We spend the treasure. How is this a bad plan?"
8. And the last from this same movie, Hubby will tell me that I did please him some of the time. In my fake French accent, I faithfully reply,
    "You never pleased me."
9. Another 2-person line we quote often:
    Hubby: "All I have to do is squeeze"   Me: "All I have to do is scream."
10. From a movie I totally can't stand:
    "It's that dang penguin again!"
11. We quote a lot from these two movies:
  • "Billie Jean King, Bugbusters."
  • "You call me when you want to know what time it is and I'll tell you."
  • "Bob E. Lee, Bobby E. Lee. Schwartz."
  • "Ed Harley, Harley Davidson Motorcycles."
  • "I'll have a steak sandwich and a...steak sandwich."
  • "Just put it on Mr. Underhill's bill."
  • "It's me, Dr. Rosen Rosen." 
  • 1: "Take your pants off." 2. "I don't even know your name." 1. "Bend over." 2. "Ben? Nice to meet you.  Victor Hugo." 
12.  This one is easy....
    "...to generate the 1.21 jiggawatts of electricity..."
13.  "60% of the time, it works every time."

I'll take your guesses now!!!  Answers revealed tomorrow.


k said...

Bwahaha! We do #2 (Christmas Vacation) a lot too!

Is #1 Sleeping with the Enemy? #6 the DaVinci Code? #9 is totally escaping me and it is now really bothering me.

We love this one, "A lovely cheese pizza just for me!" (Home Alone) and "Is there a big sexy guy in here?" (Uncle Buck). Ah, John Hughes.

~she~ said...

Good guesses! I added one more too, sorry! It just hit me and had to make the cut! I like the U.B. quote! Marcy!

Amanda said...

What a great idea! My husband's family is the same, always using movie quotes. I have a terrible memory, so I'm not as good at it. I did figure two of these out, I think lol.

3. Happy Gilmore

6. 7. 8. Count of Monte Cristo -LOVE that movie. I could watch it over and over.