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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Attn Fllwrs...Plz Read

Maybe this means I'm getting older but I totally cannot stand text message lingo!  I hate it when people spell words wrong on purpose and LOL grates on my nerves.  This being said, I don't mind when people use U to represent the word you or THX for thanks.  I can let that slide.  But 2mro (tomorrow) or gng (going) is just plain ridiculous.  Sometimes, it gets to the point that you cannot read what is being said.  Sure, it might have saved you time to type it, but it's taking me twice as long to read!

For example, I was recently invited to a little boy's first birthday party.  His mother is an unmarried high school girl who has very little sense.  She created a Facebook page to invite people to his party.  Here is what she wrote:

"ok guys ______s bda is gnastart at noon and go to when ever, ad we are goona have hot dogs bugers, and cake fel free obrnga coverd dish seeing that i am haveing trouble with money, and any games u wanna play corn hole anything, if u are going to bing a lil kid plz let me know and PLZ BRNG THEM S HE CAN MAE NEW FRIEND!!!"

For those of you over 40,  here is the translation:
OK, guys, ______'s birthday is going to start at noon and go until whenever.  We are going to have hot dogs, burgers, and cake.  Feel free to bring a covered dish, seeing as I am having trouble with money.  Also, bring any games you want to play, like corn hole.  If you are going to bring a little kid, please let me know.  Please bring them so he can make new friends.

It seriously took me several times through to get the gist of the message.  Is it just me or is this irritating to other people too?

It's actually pretty sad when you think about it.  Here's a message all of you can teach your kids:
-Instead of being promiscuous in high school, pay attention in class.  It will be well worth it in the end.
Or if they can't understand that, text them:
-Dude dnt get kncked up n skool lsten Nsted


Mimsie said...

u r gr8

Theresa said...

-Dude dnt get kncked up n skool lsten Nsted

haha! I am totally guilty of the lol. but I agree with you! I don't even text because...I find the whole thing annoying.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, guys! I don't think there's anything wrong with LOL, it just bugs me for some reason. I guess I'm wondering, did you really laugh out loud???

Linda said...

Good grief, the text and fb lingo drive me crazy. Things are getting easier for communication, and people are still getting lazier. Bad grammer, especially on purpose, sends me over the edge--I'm with you on that.