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Thursday, June 30, 2011


I must admit, this post idea was actually my husband's.  He suggested having a regular feature called VENT where people could anonymously vent their frustrations.  I was impressed that he was actually taking an interest in my blog and said I'd give it a shot.  Everyone needs to let off a little steam from time to time.  And to do it without anyone knowing who you are - what could be better?

So here's how it goes:  leave a comment venting the worst frustrations in your life right now.  (Please watch your language.  "*#&!" is permitted.)  Before you submit, click on that drop down menu and select Anonymous.  That way, you can say anything and everything you want. 

I'll go first...
I feel really frustrated about Hubby's job.  The poor guy leaves the house around 5:30 every morning.  They've added more work to his schedule and he's not getting home until 7:00-8:00 every night.  That's one ridiculously long day!  As soon as he gets home, we eat dinner.  After that, he's pretty much ready for bed.  I feel guilty keeping him up to converse about life.  And he's not getting to be a very good dad right now, which kills him.  I told him he needs to refuse the extra work and get home at a descent hour.  Then he told me how much money he'd be losing out on if he did that.  So, to have any kind of a life, he needs to be at home with his family.  But what kind of a life is that when there are no finances to enjoy it?  I feel like I'm prioritizing money over family and it's really frustrating.  I try to tell myself that this is only temporary and we need to bank the extra cash while we can.  He's not going to be able to keep this kind of schedule when the kids are back in school or he might just miss them completely.

Whew!  Thanks for allowing me my vent of the day.  Now go ahead and add yours!


Anonymous said...

If my kids don't stop fighting with each other, I think I'm gonna lose it! It's so much harder in the summer when they're home all day. One is always grouchy and fights with the other two. There's only so much I can take!

Anonymous said...

Bad drivers...people who don't signal, people who veer left of center because of texting, people who tailgate, people who drive 10 mph under the speed limit, people who turn left from the straight lane, and again- people who don't signal. I almost got hit today by some punk who flew onto my street and nearly side-swiped me. Jerk. There's my vent for the day.

Anonymous said...

I would like to vent about the "bumper sticker" mentality of (some) people. Namely, those who believe the spouting of pundits without first checking the FACTS. These people perpetuate the falsehoods when they hit the "forward" button and send to everyone in their address book! Whew...I feel better now. Thanks, SHE! :-)