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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ms. Grouchy Pants

I have been quite the little Ms. Grouchy Pants lately.  I contribute it to things like cleaning out the basement.  How in the world can one be happy doing a project like that?  Until it's done, that is.

My favorite green spatula fell onto the heating element in the dishwasher.  I should have drawn two little eyes at the top because it looks like the spatula is frowning to me.  The green spatula's new home is the trash.

Kids being home for summer vacation is a happy thing.  Kids being home for summer vacation and fighting with one another contributes to one's grouchiness.  Son #2 thought his brother threw his iPod on the roof and was very ticked.  Son #1 said he was just joking.  Not a very funny joke, if you ask me.  Both boys torment Big Sis.  They get a big kick out of it.  All three kids irritate Baby Girl.  But who bullies Son #1?  Oh, the joys of being the oldest.  But he got his phone taken away, so who's laughing now???

Finances.  Everything seems to come due at the same time, doesn't it?  We've had birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries to buy gifts for.  We have a trip coming up at the end of the summer that we had to pay for.  Son #1 had basketball camp last week.  Son #2 has golf camp this week.  Son #1 has scout camp the following week (that one is over $200!).  Son #2 is joining the youth group at church over the summer (Yikes).  They passed out a list of upcoming trips and their cost.  After picking up my jaw from the floor and closing my mouth, I realized I'm going to be spending lots of time baking for the bake sales.  Hubby has decided that his 12-year old car is ready to retire.  I say that it's sufficed for 12 years...what's one more?  Back to School is just around the corner.  We need school clothes and supplies for three kids.  Son #1 needs a graphing calculator.  These things make me worry which doesn't help my mood at all.

But it's summer!  What's the use of being grouchy?  I'm throwing it all out the window.

What things are in the pockets of your grouchy pants?


k said...

I could use just ooonnnne more hour in the day. Like between 6pm and 7pm.

Cupcake mama said...

Finances make me grouchy. My husband covering his ears when I discuss finances makes me grouchy. Spending money makes me grouchy. Buying expensive plane tickets for the holidays to go to my inlaws makes me grouchy. I used to have a green spatula too.