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Thursday, June 16, 2011


The taste of American cheese makes me feel a little less patriotic. I am glad the cheese was named after our country and not the other way around. I would be very interested to visit a land called Colby Jack.


I cleaned the lower level of my house this morning. Then I went upstairs to tackle Baby Girl's room. When I finished, I went back downstairs to find a huge mess. I cleaned that up again. Now Baby Girl's room is a wreck again. It's the circle of life. I think she needs a cage.


Every time I sit down to write something - from a grocery list to a thank you card - Baby Girl slaps her hand on my paper and says, "Draw my hand."  We have tiny hand outlines on all kinds of things around our house.


During a free preview of premium channels, I discovered a channel called Hub.  It plays classic TV shows like The Wonder Years and Family Ties.  During the day, it plays baby shows that my daughter adores.  Sadly, I have discovered that the oh-so-annoying Teletubbies from Son #1's days have returned in another form.  It's now called "In The Night Garden."  Tinky Winky has been replaced by Macca Pacca.  It's still just as annoying, even without the purple cross-dresser.  I think it even has the same narrator.  We will be avoiding this show like the plague.


I hate the word "Lil" or "Li'l."  It's not really an abbreviation.  Were you just too tired to finish the word?  It's just two Ts and an E.  I'm sorry, but I just don't find anything cute about the little word "lil."


Kimberly said...

The little handprints are so adorable! What a cutie. :)

k said...

I love me some American Cheese but I think that's because growing up, my mom never bought it.

Theresa said...

I used to LOVE American cheese until I started eating non processed cheese, now I am not a fan.

Mimsie said...

In our house we've always referred to it as rubber cheese.