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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tears on my Pillow

A time that made me cry...

My wedding, the birth of each of my babies, a few bad marital fights, death, the end of Titanic...

As I get older, I tend to tear up a bit more often.  I think it's just life's experiences weighing on me.

This picture shows one of the first times I remember tearing up.  I can't say I actually boo-hoo cried, but I remember being pretty sad.  It was my first day of Kindergarten.

It was a rainy day and I was terrified to go into the big school on the hill without my Mommy.  I was a very shy kid who didn't even speak to adults.  So how was I going to make it all day with this strange lady in charge of me and no mom to tell me, "Say thank you," or "Get in line now."?  That smile on my face is fake.  I wasn't happy.  I wanted to stay at home and play with my toys.  But my mom pushing me to go out on my own was one of the best things she ever did for me.  If I was allowed to make my own decisions, I would still be living in my pink room at her house- no husband, no kids, and no education.  That's why God gave us parents to make the tough decisions for us.

When she left that day, I cried and hoped she would come back and tell me I didn't have to ever go to school.  Ever. 

I'm just glad I had three tough kids who all started Kindergarten without any tears.  That would have been much harder to deal with than my own first day of school.  I'm happy they were all more brave I was!


Mimsie said...

cute story--be sure to give your Mom a hug today for making you be brave.

troismommy said...

I had more tears when my kids went to school than they did! lol