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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

That was Embarrassing!

Today's picture is supposed to represent an embarrassing moment.  I've been embarrassed a lot of times in my life but, thankfully, few of them were captured on film.

My Senior year of high school, I won a scholarship contest and was supposed to ride in the town's parade.  My cousin won the same scholarship the year before and got to ride on the top of a Corvette convertible.  I was pretty pumped about riding in a fancy car.  I would never be a beauty queen, so I had to earn my convertible rights with my brain!

I dressed up in my best church outfit, got my hair did, and waited on my ride to show up.  It was time for the parade to begin and there was no sleek car.  The president of the scholarship organization said there was a problem with the Corvettes so we would have to ride in the organization's hay wagon.  How dreamy.  I kicked off my heels and plopped down on the floor of the hay wagon.  I held up my "Scholarship Winner" sign and tried to wave at the people laughing at me.  I knew where my family was sitting, waiting to see me drive by.  I wanted to bury my head in the hay and hide.

This picture shows me arriving at the spot where my family sat to watch the parade.  My boyfriend (now husband) felt my pain and was trying to comfort me.  He told me I was the prettiest one on the hay wagon.  (That's not something you hear every day.)

So, there ya go...more embarrassment for your laughing pleasure!


Mimsie said...

I'm sure you were starting to conclude (if you hadn't already) that he would make an excellent, supportive husband!

Linda said...

It's tough getting your hopes dashed like that. Your boyfriend/husband sounds like he's an excellent role model for your kids. Count your blessings.

On my blog "Tacky", I'm in the 4th pic down with the blond wig and blackened teeth. Pretty scary!