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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Blast From the Past

Brittany over at Naturally Estes is hosting a Blast From the Past Photo Party this week!  I decided I just had to take part!  Since I don't have access to a scanner, I just took a photograph of each picture I wanted to feature.

Today's assignment is a Fashion Faux Pas.  The first thought that came to my mind was really big hair.  But I couldn't find any great pictures that captured the big hair phase I went through.  Here are some that I did find.

Giant T-Shirt
Looking back, I wonder why in the world we wore such oversized clothes.  Check out how huge the sleeves are!  I remember this shirt and I thought that I was Da Bomb in it.  It didn't actually come in different sizes.  It was One Size Fits All.  Yeah, right!  I think it would fit that giant, stuffed chipmunk I'm posing with!

Giant Glasses
Don't ask me what I'm doing here.  I think I was trying to look sexy.  But that's pretty difficult with such giant glasses!  My vision wasn't even that bad.  I wore them more for looks than to help me see better.  Upon further inspection, my eyebrows are pretty giant too.  I guess the early 90s were a time for giant fashion.  I happen to remember that the sweatshirt I was wearing is a man's size large.  I had to fight to keep the sleeves above my hands.  But that's the way we did things!  Funny.  

Come back every day this week to see the hilarious things I have in store for you.  Oh, the things I put myself through for your enjoyment.  Feel free to join in and make fun of me too!

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Lena! said...

What a great wayback playback! And LOVE your "come hither" look, ha!