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Monday, May 16, 2011

A Step Back in Time

Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to accompany Big Sis on a field trip.  We went to a historical village that taught the kids what life was like way back when.  Some of the buildings were from the mid-1800s. 

We learned how the pioneers made brooms.  We visited a blacksmith, weaver, glassblower, and potter.  There was a man representing a doctor, a sample general store, and a school room.  The students were enlisted into the Union Army and taught how to hold a musket.  They marched in line and fired at the chaperones (Reds). 

We enjoyed a picnic lunch in the shade of wonderfully fragrant trees.  My daughter and I walked hand in hand and she was proud to be my partner.  We had gorgeous weather in the 80s- something I have been waiting a very long time on.

The last time I visited this site was on an 8th grade field trip. It was much more enjoyable yesterday than it was when I was a snotty teenager.

Then, of course, there was a smelly bus ride back to the school.  But it was a practically perfect day.

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