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Thursday, May 26, 2011


THIS is how my kids put away crayons.  Things like this make the OCD lady inside me appear in all her rage.

When I was in elementary school, my box of 64 crayons was organized by color.  Yes, my weird organization started way back then.  The reds started in the top left corner.  Next came the oranges and the yellows, and the rainbow progressed from there.   All the way at the bottom right were the browns, black, and white crayons.  The coveted silver and gold crayons got extra special spots in my box.  I used them rarely, only for things that were very important.

But as you can see, none of my kids inherited this (irritating?) habit from me.  I was hoping one out of four would thrive on neatly organized things.

You should see how I load the dishwasher!  It's a sight to behold.


k said...

The gold and silver were so very special. I NEVER shared mine. Ever.

Melissa said...

I used to sort my colours exactly the same way! You should see how I hang out my washing.

chris said...

oh, take a picture of your dishwasher!! i want to see!!! i too am fanatic about crayons. not quite like you, though, from the sounds of it!

Anonymous said...

K, I knew you would agree with me on this.

Melissa, I would LOVE to see your washing!

Chris, I just might take a picture of my dishwasher some time! That might make for an interesting post!


Courtney said...

Yes, post dishwasher pix. My husband is very tidy (making me the perfect opposite ... not that I'm a slob). There are times he will unload the dishwasher I've loaded, and reload it the way he likes it. LOL.