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Friday, May 27, 2011

+ & -

Cinnamon crunch bagel with hazelnut
cream cheese and Earl Grey hot tea
+  Having breakfast at Panera with a friend, looking around and noticing that they're already serving lunch.  There's nothing quite like a breakfast that lasts all the way 'til lunch!
-  When we saw diners sipping soup, we decided it was time to leave and didn't have any of that yummy soup ourselves.

+  Summer nights - sitting outside while daylight fades away with nothing particularly pressing to do.  We saw 2 large deer in our yard a couple nights ago!
-  The mosquito bites that result from lazy summer nights.

+  When the family exclaims, "Great dinner, Mom!"
-  Cleaning up dirty dishes from a scrumptious dinner.

+  When Baby Girl says, "I love you so much!" or "I like your hair!"  I find it extremely funny that a 2-year old notices my hair.
-  When Baby Girl says, "I have poop in my hand."  Or when she chews a piece of gum she found stuck to the bottom of a table in a restaurant.

+  The end of the school year. Only 4 days to go!
-  The end of the school year.  Only 4 days left!


Courtney said...

- That Panera now lists the calorie counts next to the food items.

LOL about the poop!

Anonymous said...

Just because it's there does not mean I have to look at it!!!


Michelle said...

"I have poop in my hand." Something you never want to hear.