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Friday, May 6, 2011

Crystal Anniversary

I'm too young to have been married 15 years already!  Well, actually, I kind of am.  I was only 19 when I married, just a couple weeks from my 20th birthday.  It was a cold, rainy day in May - the best day of my life.  Afterward, we went to Disney World where people didn't believe we were old enough to be honeymooners.

We decided to do 15 years big.  Fewer people are achieving 15 years of marriage, especially at my age.  So yesterday, I spent the entire day trying to plan a trip for us to celebrate.  Since it was less than 14 days until departure, that feat was not easy.  I absolutely despise travel planning!  I am so freakishly meticulous about searching every place possible to find the very best deal.  That's why it took all stinkin' day long!

Finally, I gave in and realized I would not likely find anything better on jim-bobs-travel.com.  I booked a trip- Viva Las Vegas, baby!  A friend of Hubby's asked, "Why the @#*! are you going to Vegas?  You don't drink, party, or gamble!"  True.  The answer: because we want to.  We've never been there and we want to experience it once in our lifetimes without the kids.  It was cheaper than flying to New York, Chicago, or many destinations closer to us.  I am totally excited and can't wait!  We've had nothing but cold rain here lately and I am pumped to experience 85 sunny degrees!

So that is why there was no post yesterday.

Hubby thinks we should renew our vows with Elvis.  I think not.  I hope to share lots of pics upon my return!


Mimsie said...

Happy 15th anniversary! And many more......

k said...

Excited for you! What fun!

Happy anniversary!

Theresa said...

Happy Anniversary!

chris said...

congratulations and happy anniversary! i like your husband's elvis idea!!

GrammyK said...

Happy Anniversary!! We had an event we had to attend a few years back in Las Vegas. We don't do any of that "high life" stuff either but we did do some sight seeing. The Valley of Fire State Park was well worth the drive and we also drove up into the nearby mountains which was wonderful!! If you get a chance, do a little driving and enjoy the amazing scenery. :-)