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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Weekend Rambling

I got the great idea to take all the grandkids picture for my mom for Mother's Day.  Why go to a studio?  I'm a decent photographer; I'll just do it myself!  My niece was grouchy.  She told me so.  Son #2 was silly and kept making faces.  Baby Girl was distracted and wouldn't look at the camera.  Son #1 actually wasn't too bad but Big Sis looked bored.  Not one picture came out great of everyone.  This is the best we got.


Baby Girl is eating me out of house and home with peanut butter on Town House crackers.  The key here is that She's Eating!


Now that I'm much less busy, my house is much messier.  How does that work?  1+1 does not always = 2, I guess.


Yesterday, the kids had Muffins for Mom at school.  They think it's totally awesome.  I was just proud to look around the room and consider myself one of the nicer looking moms there.  (No, I'm not vain.  I just got dressed and did my hair this morning.)  It was interesting to see a drop-dead gorgeous girl I graduated with who is now chubby and very old looking.  I really hope I'm not that old looking.


I know I talked about it in my very last post but I am so excited for our trip to Las Vegas!  Hubby wanted me to reserve our room under the name "Nick Papagiorgio." 


K from Two Adults, One Brown Baby just asked her readers to submit random questions they would like her to answer.  I thought that would be fun.  What would you like to know about me?  I'll try to answer them in an upcoming post. 


chris said...

i think this is darling! nice shot!!

k said...

I would love to know what a typical day looks like for you.