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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Today's + & -

+  Crazy Life is over!  I survived my two huge events of the past month.  I am so ready for life to return back to  normal!
-  I am exhausted and totally worn out from said craziness.
+  Last night's banquet went swimmingly well.  The 200 women in attendance seemed to have a good time and gave me rave reviews.
-  I had to depend on people to watch my kids while I set up, practiced, and hosted the banquet.  Hubby was pretty frustrated with me when I got home.  The 4 kids just did him in.
+  Our theme was Cowboys and Indians.  My group of 15 teenage girls dressed in costume.  I was the Sheriff and looked pretty fancy in my costume too.  But I now have cowboy hats all over my house and I don't know whose they are.
-  Due to how busy I was, I didn't take one picture!  Isn't that horrible?
+  I do, however, have some video and will share a short clip with you.  Now you can see what I do.  I wrote a comedy play, which was basically a musical.  I borrow familiar tunes and write my own words.  Here's one of my favorite songs from the evening.

+  My potted grass turned out lovely and made perfect centerpieces.  We played a hot potato game in the middle of the program to give away the centerpieces to one person at each table.
-  I had to unload a minivan packed full of junk to our storage space in the pouring rain today.
+  I didn't have to cook supper today!  My sweet aunt is cooking for me tonight.
-  Hubby won't make it home in time for dinner. 
+  He felt very guilty for being mean to me last night and apologized sincerely.  I will probably get a foot rub and possibly flowers out of it tonight!  :)

Well, that's my life for right now.  Hope yours is going well.


Theresa said...

Was this for church or are you a party coordinator?

Unfortunately, I could not get the video to play :(

Glad your craziness is over!!

Anonymous said...

This was for church. My mother helped found this group when she was 18. She kept it up for 30 years and finally passed the torch. My cousin took it for two years and gave it to me. This was my second year being totally in charge but I had plenty of experience helping my mom. We meet from September to May and do various activities throughout the year. Every Mother's Day, we put on a silly banquet where everyone dresses up. It's a lot of fun but a lot of work!


k said...

I am LOVING your new banner. So pretty and fresh and you.