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Monday, May 9, 2011

My Mother's Day

I took the day off yesterday and this picture shows what happened.

Turns out, when Mama don't clean the house, don't no one clean the house. 

I was presented with a lovely bouquet of roses and a gift card to TJ Maxx.  Typically, I don't receive such elaborate gifts for Mother's Day.  But my brother happened to call Hubby while he was at the store picking out my gift.  My brother said he didn't get anything for his wife and wanted Hubby to pick something up.  (This was Saturday night.)  He asked Hubby to pick up a Mother's Day card and a bag of M&Ms.  "That's it?" Hubby asked.  "Yeah, she likes peanut butter M&Ms.  That will be good."  So I'm guessing that Hubby felt sorry for his poor sister-in-law who only had a bag of M&Ms to open on Sunday morning and decided to make up for it by getting me something fabulous. 

But my favorite gift was something handmade by Son #2 at school.  It was a "Top Ten Reasons Why I Love My Mom" book.  Please allow me to share the reasons with you.

Reason #10:
I love my mom because she cleans the house every day.  (This is very true.  I believe the picture shows me in my nice red blouse washing dishes.)

Reason #9:
I love my mom because she buys stuff like cloths and food for me.  (A somewhat self-centered reason, but that's OK.)

Reason #8:
I love my mom because she drives me to school and plays the temp. game with me.  (I must explain.  Each morning when we get into the car, we look at the thermostat on the dash and try to predict what it will read when we arrive at school.  We even assign a random guess to Baby Girl who sometimes wins.)

Reason #7:
I love my mom because she cooks good meals like pepercosh.  (Paprikash, his favorite dinner.)

Reason #6:
I love my mom because she gives me a home to live in.  (Well, that's mostly Dad, seeing as how I do not have an income.  But I'll surely take the credit.)

Reason #5:
I love my mom because she loves Chipotle.  (True dat!)

Reason #4:
I love my mom because she gives me cool presents on my birthday and Christmas.  (See note on Reason #9.)

Reason #3:
I love my mom because she helps me when I need help.  (Of course this is true, but it was one of my favorites simply because of the art work.  Check him out lying on the ground calling out for help!)

Reason #2:
I love my mom because she takes care of me.  (OK, somewhat similar to the last reason, but I'll take it.)

Reason #1:
I love my mom because I have alot of fun with her.  (This is my very favorite illustration!  It shows a special game between the two of us.  We karate kick each other in slow motion in an attempt to chop the other's body parts off.  In this picture, you can see that I am lying on the ground, with a clown nose, chopping off his leg.  Seeing the smile on his face lets me know that it must not be too painful of an experience.  We tell each other which body parts we've just chopped off.  When he chops off my legs, I fall to the ground and flail about.  When I chop off his arms, he attempts to further destroy me by hitting me with his torso.  Yes, it may sound like a violent game to you, but it's something special between the two of us which incurs a lot of laughing.  And obviously it's made a strong enough impact on him to make it the number one reason that he loves me.  I hope it's a tradition we can hold on to and treasure the memories forever.)

Now I have to go try to recover from the Mother's Day weekend.  I've got a lot of work to do...


Kimberly said...

How cute! This reminded me . . . yesterday our pastor's wife was sharing with us a card her son made and gave to her many years ago. It read on the front, "Although many people may hate you . . ." and on the inside, "I am not one of them. Happy Mother's Day!" Isn't that hilarious? Gotta love boys!

Mimsie said...

Somehow, #10 brings a picture to mind of you lying on the floor at age 80 flailing away with karate chops at your 60 year old son! And BTW, I would LOVE me some peanut M&Ms for Mother's Day!!! Also, your son is quite the artist! Very talented.