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Monday, May 30, 2011

Teenage Dream

Today's Blast From the Past photo challenge is a picture of me as a teenager.  Fortunately, I have lots of those.

Yes, this is me with Hubby way back in 1992!  That's when we started dating, so I've been with him for over half my life!  (He's even more handsome now!)

Another pic of Hubby and me, from a Valentine banquet back in '93.  We are standing in my parents' living room, which still looks pretty much the same.

I had to include a wedding picture because I was technically a teenager here!  I turned 20 two weeks after my wedding.  15 years later, I hope he's still happy with me...


Theresa said...

Very cute! I love seeing those photos! Is your husband the same age as you?

Theresa said...

Is Blast from the Past a blog link up? Where do you link up?

Anonymous said...

Hubby is two years older than I am. But maturity wise, yes.

You can link up here:
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