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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Better Late than Never

I know all the hype has been over for a few days now, but here is an oh-so-sweet picture of the kids and me enjoying the Royal Wedding together.  (Yes, we are in our pajamas.)  Big Sis looked forward to it all day.  She couldn't wait to put on her favorite princess dress.  She nearly passed out when I gave her a fancy hat to wear.  She ran upstairs to change into another dress that matched better.  I found her an old pair of my Easter gloves from when I was little (I save way too much).  Which brought me to a full-length pair of satin gloves I wore in a friend's wedding.  The only other hats I had were cute hats I wear regularly. 

Then Son #2 asked what boys wear to fancy English weddings.  "Top hats," I replied.  "Do we have any?" he asked.  "Actually, there's one in the garage!"  He retrieved the way too big plastic hat and filled it with newspaper to help it stay on his head.  (I know he wouldn't have done these things had his older brother been home for the event.) 

We picked out our tea cups but Big Sis didn't want hot tea.  Instead, she enjoyed iced tea in a fancy goblet.  (In the pic, I'm trying to stick out my pinkie, but that was actually kind of difficult.  I almost spilled my hot tea.)  The memories made were priceless!


k said...

I love that you all were in your jammies.

Theresa said...

Ha! So cute!! What a great mom you are!!

Linda said...

What fun. What a great way to create memories. You'll have so much to reminisce about when the kids are older, probably with a lot of laughter to accompany the memories. Good for you, and what lucky kids!