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Monday, May 30, 2011

May 30

Today is Hubby's birthday.  And how nice that it falls on a lovely Monday holiday!  I'm thinking watermelon, cornhole, sloppy joes, and a lot of sitting outside on the patio.

It's funny because my birthday falls only three days after Hubby's.  (I think one sign that a marriage will last is having birthdays close together!)  And our anniversary is two weeks earlier, so we have lots of celebrations all at once.

I remember how not special my birthday was the first year of our marriage.  Like I said, we had only been married for two weeks.  It was a Sunday morning and I woke up happy and excited.  Three days earlier, I made sure my new husband's birthday was extra special.  When I first saw him that morning, he didn't say anything.  Well, I thought, he's still sleepy.  He'll say something in a little bit.  A little bit came and went and nothing was said.  We got dressed for Sunday School and drove to church.  Still nothing.  We were sitting in the young adult class; I had my arms folded and was getting grouchier by the minute.  A friend of mine leaned up in her seat so she could see me at the end of the row.  "Happy Birthday, She!" she said.  "Thanks, Katie," I replied, glaring at Hubby.  His response was, "Oh yeah, it's your birthday!  Happy birthday."  I was quite irritated...that was no way to start my 20s.

Fifteen years later, he has learned to make a bigger deal out of my birthday to avoid being in the doghouse.  But today is all about him.  I'll make sure he has an awesome day.


Lena! said...

What a sweet looking couple! Happy Birthday to your hubby!

http://smsplay.blogspot.com/search/label/SON%20BirthDay said...

sweet couple