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Friday, June 24, 2011


I am a nosy person.  If a new friend gives me their address for one reason or another, the first thing I do is go to Google Earth or Zillow to see a picture of their house.  I have even been known to find someone's address on whitepages.com so I can plug it into Zillow to find a picture of their home.  I don't know why I'm so nosy like that.  I guess it's so I can judge them.  If their house is nicer than mine, I think Wow, they must be really well off!  If it's not as nice as my house, I think Boy, they must be hard up.  Ha ha...I guess there's no happy medium as far as my judgemental nosiness is concerned.  So if you don't want me to judge you, don't send me your home address for any reason!


I love the fact that Son #1 has his own cell phone, but it's mostly because of my own laziness. If he's upstairs and I don't feel like getting up, I can text him and tell him what I need to say. When he's outside, I don't have to hunt all over tarnation for him. I can call to tell him to come home for dinner. It's great and I highly recommend it for all lazy parents.


There are more weeks of my life that I eat at Chipotle three times than weeks when I don't have it at all.  Yes, I am aware of how ridiculous that is.


The trend this summer so far has been to goof off all day, then clean the house really quickly before Hubby arrives home so it looks like I accomplished something.


I have totally fallen off my diet.  It's such a shame too because I was doing so well.  I feel really guilty about this one.  (This is due in part to the Chipotle confession above.)


I have only run a handful of times in preparation for my marathon leg in September.  I'm running double what I ran last year.  If I don't get on the ball soon, I'm not going to make it. 


Do you have any confessions today to make me feel less guilty?


Jen said...

Oh my! I do the same thing with addresses! I feel so naughty, too. :(

Courtney said...

LOL. Guilty of snooping and goofing off. Our house just went under contract and I know someone in the neighborhood is going to find it a juicy tidbit to know what we sold for, where we're moving and what we spent. I guess what comes around, goes around.

Are you east coast? I grew up in Silver Spring. Or was that totally random?

Erica said...

Ha! Zillow is an addiction I know only too well.

~she~ said...

Courtney, that picture was totally random off Google. Nope, never heard of it!