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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I'm weird, you're weird, we're all weird.  But someone who chooses to share their weirdness on a public blog - now that's just plain weird!  Here's my documented weirdness for today:
  • In a restaurant, I cannot sit facing the wall.  I must face out into the room.  I thought I was alone with this craziness and didn't ever discuss it with others.  Once we went out to dinner with another couple.  Hubby and I arrived first and took our seats on the side of the table facing out into the restaurant.  When the other couple arrived, the man confessed that he couldn't sit with his back to the room.  Hubby got up and switched him places.  So I sat next to someone else's husband the entire meal while another woman sat next to my husband!  How weird is that?
  • I do not like songs that break grammatical rules in the lyrics.  I won't sing them a written.  For example, in Carrie Underwood's song I'll Stand By You, she sings, "I won't let nobody hurt you."  If I'm singing along, I change it to, "I won't let anyone hurt you."  I know, weird.
  • I will not permit any scented trash bags in my home.  My parents use them - they're supposed to have a light, fresh scent.  They totally make me sick.  Who wants to smell trash in a field full of flowers?
  • I don't like artificial light in my home.  I prefer to live by natural sunlight.  I don't turn on lights in my house until it's too dark to see.  In the mornings, I will even comb the kids' hair for school in semi-darkness to avoid turning on the lights.
  • I always count how many times I knock on someone's door.  It's usually either 5 or 7.
  • I love letters and words.  A lot.  My kids' names happen to be in alphabetical order according to age and I'm oddly proud of that.


k said...

I have lots of weirdness too but most of them are attached to house cleaning and whatnot. T is a saint for putting up with it. : )

Mimsie said...

You are so funny! I'm with you on the artificial light as far as fluorescent lights go. I cannot abide them and would never have even one of them in our home. One of my weirdities--when I am taking a walk or riding my bike, I count every step or every pedal push under my breath. Sounds a bit OCD, I know.

imagesisee.blogspot.com said...

I'm not saying I'm not weird, at least according to some people, but I'm wracking my brain to think of some of my oddities and all I can come up with is:
1) I hate arm rests in cars. The minute I get into any car where the arm rest is down, I put it up, especially if I'm driving.
2)We live in an area that is still relatively safe, so when I go shopping in the summer, I put the windows down so that I won't have to get into a boiling hot car when I come out of the store.
3)I keep as many lights off at night as I can. When my daughter was in high school, she once asked if we were owls. I thought that was funny.

Jen said...

I have vanilla scented trash bags in my toddlers diaper/pullup pail! :)

Poor grammar definitely bothers me, as well as misspelled words.

When walking up or down stairs, I have to take the last step with my right foot or it really feels weird. In places that I regularly walk, I know if there is an even or odd number of steps and know which foot to start on! ;)

Love that your kids' names are in alphabetical order. Both of mine have songs with their names and I love that! "Sweet Caroline" is about a much nicer girl than "Maggie Mae", though. ;)

Jen said...

I suppose that should have been "toddler's". :)

Amanda said...

Too funny! Yeah, I may lose some readers with my weird list!! haha.

Visiting from Jenna's...love your style of blogging!