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Monday, June 20, 2011

Cute Kid Sayings

  • Baby Girl calls this "Pepper-Oni" instead of Macaroni.

  • As she was drawing a picture, I told Baby Girl to write her name.  Making one small mark at a time, she said, "I...love...you...eleven...twelve...firteeen."

  • When you give her something, Baby Girl replies, "Thank you much!" with exuberant expression.

  • Big Sis was talking about her upcoming birthday.  She was planning what kind of cake she wanted and suggested a purse.  "I can do that, I think," was my answer.  She replied, "Well, yeah!  It's just a trapezoid or a rectangular prism!"  (Those are NOT words I taught her.)

  • Baby Girl told us she wanted "Eggo." The brothers disagreed about what this meant. #1 said she wanted eggs. #2 suggested maybe it was a waffle she was craving. But Mama understands all things and figured out she wanted to watch DIEGO on TV.

  • I decided I'm cool enough.  I broke down and ordered some Tom's.  Big Sis called them Papa shoes.  They're exactly the kind of shoes my dad uses to work in the shop.  Except for the fact that he gets his for $8 at Wal-Mart.

    k said...

    I love toddler-isms.

    And Tom's.

    Mimsie said...

    I love kids who are cute and don't know they are!