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Friday, January 13, 2012

+ & -

+ I'm going here tomorrow.  (Midwesterners will know what I mean.)  My cousin's fiancee is having her bridal shower and I've never been to her home town.

-  It is a snowy tundra outside.  Last weekend, it was in the upper 50s.  Nope, they couldn't have scheduled the shower for last weekend.

+ You can see the floor in every room of my house right now (well, except for Baby Girl's room). 

-  I've been working like a dog trying to get everything organized around here.

+ Hubby found my favorite hooded sweatshirt that I didn't even realize was missing!  It somehow got put in with his laundry and he thought it was a work shirt.  When he showed it to me, I was so excited to have it back!  I haven't worn it since last year and today is definitely a hoody day!

-  I won't be leaving the house any more today.  It's pure nastiness out.  When I attempted to turn onto the street the school is on, my car kept going straight.  I had to go to the next block and backtrack.  Our district won't call any snow days because the state (I guess) reduced the number of snow days allowed.  Last year, we had to make them up.  So, go ahead and let people get in car accidents due to the weather instead of allowing us to have more snow days in an area of the country that is covered by snow a good 1/3 of the year.  (Sorry about that run-on sentence.)

+ Son #2 left this post-it note stuck to my cereal bowl this morning.  It was so cute because I keep forgetting to call the dentist.

-  I have to call the dentist because he has this nasty thing growing on the side of his gum.  They discovered it at his last appointment but I wasn't the one who took him.  So I was supposed to call them quite a while ago.  I guess I was kind of hoping it would go away on its own but that sure isn't happening.

+ A day like this totally calls for a cup of tea and a good book.  If I can get inspired enough to get the house clean, maybe I'll bake something and sit down with my Kindle.

-  My poor husband has to work outside all day in this.  Last time I checked, it was 16 degrees F.  The wind gusts keep covering the road with snow so the snow plows can't even keep up.  I feel really guilty enjoying a warm, relaxing day inside when I think about him.  I'll just have to plan a special back rub for him when he gets home.


emmy said...

Well, this is one southerner who knows what that means. Ann Arbor or Detroit?

Cory said...

Well... I have no idea what you are talking about with the first statement. Ha! But it does peak my interest. I have wondered what state you hail from since I first started reading your blog. If you have paid attention to my comments I have said what state I live in. :) BUT... I am not from here, and have lots of family in the "midwest",where I am from however I understand that the midwest doesn't just consist of Iowa, Illinois, Oklahoma, or Idaho. Ha! And with you talking about snow... it does lead me to believe you are in some place like Michigan, like the first comment said. Hmmm.... A mystery. :)