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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Still Cleaning Out

I mentioned that we bought a new desk recently.  The reason for that is because my brother, the IT guy, gave my kids a new computer for Christmas.  I think it's because he's sick of coming over to fix mine every time they mess it up.  Their computer won't store anything important.  It will be used mostly for homework and computer games.  He even loaded parental controls onto it.  No worries- I can decide how long they can browse the internet, which sites they go to, and what time it shuts down for the day.

I didn't take a Before picture and this is the only photo I found of the old desk.  You're not missing much...it wasn't a whole lot bigger than that.

Our 1500 square foot house is packed to the max with stuff for four kids and two parents.  There was nowhere to put a computer.  Our current desktop has lived in the corner of the dining room for a few years.  I wanted it somewhere out in the open for safety reasons.  My brother suggested getting a longer desk and setting both computers up next to one another.  They could share the same printer and everything would be kept together.  So that's what we did.

Finding a 2-person desk wasn't easy.  I found one that isn't meant for two people because it had a pull-out shelf on the side.  When Hubby assembled the desk, he left off the shelf.  Now, two people and two computers fit just fine.  BUT....I lost all my drawers.  We have a 2-drawer file cabinet that has been loaded with junk and really didn't get much use.  I knew I had to make it usable.

I cleaned out the file cabinet.  I cleaned out the old desk.  I sorted, I filed, I threw away, I wiped and cleaned.  Wowzers- that was a major job.  If I would have realized all that, I probably would have turned down the offer of the free computer!

Now that it's done, I feel SO much better!  Things are organized and I found lots of really interesting stuff.  I found a lot of old computer software, much of it was older than all four of my kids.  What in the world am I going to do with a 1998 encyclopedia CD?  Guess there was no Wikipedia back in those days.

I found photos, mementos, and videos from Son #1's baby days.  No, I don't have any way to watch the videos, but at least I have them.  Best of all, I found my old, old computer backup, the one that crashed years ago.  It's very important because it contains the very first digital photos we ever took.  I've been looking for it for about two years.  I am really happy to have that back!

I guess I got a really good jump on Spring Cleaning.  Either that, or I'm really behind from last year.  Yep, it's the second one.

I already have my next project in mind- switching the kids rooms around.  We're going to put the girls in the same room and split the boys up.  The bad news is that everyone has to move.  This job is going to make the desk job look like a cake walk.  Can't wait.


Mimsie said...

Wow--you have been busy! You must feel a great feeling of accomplishment to have everything sorted out for the computers.

Linda said...

It is completely amazing what you can find when you clean out an area you haven't touched in a long time. It's almost like Christmas.

Funny question you asked about the drink in my last post. But...it's only iced coffee, so probably not too much to worry about.