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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It's All Random Today

Son #1 left for school at 7:30 this morning.  Immediately after school, he has French Horn lessons.  Straight from lessons, he goes to rehearsal for Youth Philharmonic Orchestra.  The same minute that's over, he is supposed to be at a tournament (20 minutes away) for the Bible Quizzing team he's on.  He won't get home until 8:30.  Can anyone say "overscheduled?"  I'm going to have to take him something to eat for dinner in the car between orchestra and quizzing.  And yes, this kid also maintains a straight A average in school.


The Dora Memory game was probably the best gift I purchased for Baby Girl this Christmas.  Didn't you have Memory as a kid?  She loves it and plays it daily.  It's a game I don't have to cheat to lose.  She actually can beat me by her own merit.  That kid has some fabulous memory!


Remember the awesome gift I scored for 70% off on Black Friday?  It's pure junk.  Even at 70% off, I still got taken.


I haven't mentioned this on my blog yet but I am planning on reading the entire Bible through this year. It's something I've never done before, even though I've tried many times. Something always comes up- like pregnancy, sickness, or just pure laziness. I don't know what will make this year any different but I'm going to try really hard. Currently, I'm still caught up.


Our grocery store has free child care when you shop.  No, I am not kidding.  When a friend of mine moved back to Florida, she told everyone about the store up North that had free babysitting.  Everyone called her a liar, but it's true.  This Friday, they are showing a movie at the store.  I can check the girls in at 6:00, sit in the cafe for two hours by myself, and pick them up at 8:00.  It's truly ridiculous how excited I am about getting two hours alone!  I have my Kindle loaded up with all those new books I just "purchased."  I will likely drink some hot tea while I sit and relax.  At some point, I will end up buying my groceries for the next week.  But I still get an hour and a half!  I can't wait!


I hate to say this for fear of losing blog followers, or worse yet, getting flogged.  But I just don't care for Chick-Fil-A.  I know, you've never heard such nonsense in all your life.  Personally, I don't know why people go crazy over this restaurant.  I have a friend who camps out at any new store opening in exchange for free Chick-Fil-A for a year.  She's done it no less than 8 times.  She's nuts.  What I want to say to all these addicts is, "Have you never tried Chipotle???"


This weekend, I am going to a bridal shower for my cousin-to-be.  It's in another state, 3 hours away.  Too bad it's in the opposite direction from the Ikea that stole my happiness last weekend.  I still haven't called Mr. Ikea yet.  Too much to do, too much to do.


I realize it's not even close to Spring yet but I've got some serious organization hangups right now.  We got a new desk, which Hubby set up all by his little self last night.  Now I have all kinds of junk in the old desk that needs a new home.  Unfortunately, the new desk didn't come with any drawers.  Believe it or not, that's how I wanted it.  We have a small two-drawer file cabinet that the printer sits on.  It, too, is filled with junk.  I am going to be itchy all over until it's cleaned out and taken care of.  I possibly may need the talents of a professional organizer.


Listing all these many things makes me realize all I must do today.  Time to leave the blogging world for another time.  Don't talk about too much without me...


emmy said...

Chick-fil-a isn't one of my favorites either. They have a good corporate model, but their sandwhiches don't excite me. You should check out http://www.biblegateway.com/resources/readingplans/. I've read through in a year a few times, but not lately. I should get back to doing that.

Anonymous said...

I don't get the Chick-Fil-A thing either. Doesn't do a thing for me. I think people like that it is owned by a family with Christian values, which is great, but the food...eh..

Our supermarket also has free child care. I was hesitant to use it. All of my friends said they didn't trust it. But then once we started using it--LOVE it! They do the girls' nails! with designs and everything!

Linda said...

Don't have Chick-Fil-A around here.

Reading through the Bible--I've done it a few times completely, and many times partially. I use a Read-through-the-Bible book by John MacArthur. OT, NT, Psalm & proverb each day, with some really nice commentary along the way.

Child care at a supermarket!! What a great concept. Nothing like that around here--would have been heavenly I think.

Kid's busy schedules??? When my son was about 12-13, I was, once again, rushing them out of the house on a Sat. morning. He looked at me and said, "mom, can't we just stay home for once?" I reassed our schedules and began making changes.

Cleaning out--love it.

BTW, if you can get away for a week sometime between now and the end of April, you're welcome to come visit me in Hawaii. You'll have a place to stay and I have a car. (anytime except for the week of Mar 2-10)