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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Good news!

My Internet is still down but I now have access to time-wasting things again...I got a new iPhone 4S! This is my first smart phone and it feels so nice to join the 21st century! This means I am once again in the communication loop, although it's difficult to blog from a phone. Thanks for your nice comments on my last post...I miss you all too!

Back to my phone- what app can I totally not live without???


Kristy said...

Blog press!! So you can blog from the phone in a snap!
Red stamp!!

Yay for getting an iPhone! :)

Cory said...

Whew, I thought I missed something. ;) Glad that you are well. And I agree with the gal above, Kristy... Pinterest! I don't know what Red Stamp is, but I'm about to Google it. :)