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Friday, January 6, 2012

Inspired to Simplify

Does anyone read LivingWellSpendingLess.com?  It's a blog I discovered when I was trying to learn how to get started in couponing.  This year, she is beginning something called Project Simplify 365.  She says that this project "is based on the idea that consciously doing one small thing each day towards creating a simpler life can ultimately add up to a big change."  That makes total sense to me and I like it.

It's basically a form of what I'm trying to teach my children (but failing).  If you consistently throw your clothes on the floor at the end of each day, your bedroom will be a constant mess.  If you make an effort to put away your clothes or throw them in the hamper at the end of each day, you will be exerting very little effort toward the hefty goal of keeping a clean room.  It works on so many levels.  It only takes moments to clean up your dishes after you eat.  However, left unattended, dishes pile up to the sky and take hours to clean up and put away.

Project Simplify 365 is my new mantra.  Putting forth just a little bit of effort, I can end up achieving great things.  On this site, she is going to post what little thing she does each day.  I think it will be a very interesting read and, hopefully, an encouragement for people like me.

Anyone else inspired?


Kimberly said...

This sounds like something I need to read! It's very true, even small routines can bring about huge change.

Cupcake Mama said...

I really like that blog but man that couponing stuff is hard work!!