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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Peter Cottontail

We have a wild rabbit who seems to have made a winter nest in my garden.  I walked by the dining room window yesterday morning and saw the bunny resting.  He looked quite fluffy, which  I thought may be an extra winter's coat. 

Later in the afternoon, I walked by the window and noticed the rabbit again.  Same position, same place.  I wonder if he is a she who may be expecting?  Closer to my house, she would have been able to make a nest in our warmer, more protective landscaping.  I wonder why she is sitting out in the open?  Possibly, she's sick.  Oh dear, I hope she doesn't pass and my girls notice before I do...it will break their hearts!  Although, I'm sure a carnivorous critter would find her before they would.

Big Sis was oohing and ahhing over the animal and stated, "I wish I could just go out there with a little blanket and cover that bunny up!  She is going to be so freezing!"  And I know Big Sis would do exactly that. 

We may have a new outdoors pet.  Any name suggestions?


Kimberly said...

That rabbit has some pretty good camo, because I couldn't find it for a minute. How sweet! Hope it stays.

dan scarfo said...

I like your style: brief and informative. Good job!