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Friday, January 20, 2012

The Simple Things

Sometimes, it only takes a simple little thing to make a person happy.  Here's what's making me happy today:

* A sweet bear hug given by Baby Girl, totally initiated on her own
* Bright, colorful paper to write on because it's so much more fun than plain white
* Earl Grey tea -I'm back on it
* When I'm standing at the sink and the heater at my feet comes on
* We are heading toward the tail end of January and have had very little snow thus far
* Putting Baby Girl down for nap and enjoying a peanut butter & jelly sandwich, while watching a funny show I love
* The ability to change Pandora stations based on the mood I'm in 
* When all the kids buy lunch at school and I don't have to pack for them in the morning
* Fresh smelling laundry
* Flannel pajamas and leopard printed gloves
* Toblerone - any candy that comes in triangles is OK in my book

What are your Simple Things today?


Cupcake Mama said...

Toblerone is so great. The hubs brings back the toblerone minis when he is flying home internationally and I love them.

Mimsie said...

Taking a walk today when the air is crisp and there is an inch of crunchy snow on the ground. Then coming home and making cinnamon hot chocolate and reading the paper.

chris said...

board games and old maid with the little girl. standing in the cold admiring the stars and having her point out jupiter.

Stephanie said...

Oh what a sweet post! I love taking stock of all the little things, they make the day a little brighter:)

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